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Common Table Fan Questions

Common Fan Questions

Table Fan Questions
What is the difference between table fans and ceiling fans?
Most all table fans are built to blow air in the direction that they are faced, while ceiling fans will push air up or down. The reason for this is so that in warm weather, the fan will push air downwards, cooling you. On the other hand, in cool weather, make your ceiling fan turn the other way to suck cool air from the ground, and push it into the ceiling where the warm air is gathered to push the warm air downwards.
What is the best time of year to buy fans?
Just like clothes, there is a fan season when the stores know consumers will be feeling the heat and come looking for a fan. Thus, u understandably, the prices of fans in the summer go up. So, the best time of year (typically) to buy fans is in their offseason, the autumn/winter months.
During the summer, should a window fan face inward or outward?

The idea is to exhaust the hot stale air outward, so the fan should face outward, approximately 2 inches from the open window for maximum effect. This creates a light vacuum in the house that will draw cool air in through other windows.

In areas of the country that experience particularly hot summers, a window air conditioner is recommended since a simple table fan may not sufficiently cool a place down.
How Do I Clean My Fan?
Cleaning a fan parts is much like cleaning computer parts, simple use of compressed air inside the fan grill, while the fan is turned off will get rid of most dust issues.
Oscillating Fans Vs Tower Fans, Which is Better?
Oscillating and tower fans both can change the direction of its air movement by themselves. However for two of these fans with the same amount of power, the tower fan will typically cost more. On the other hand, tower fans are also often more suited to room décor. Which is better depends on what the buyer values more between better looks, or a better price.
Why does my old fan work so much better than my new fan?
It is true that many of the vintage fans from back in the 50s will put out a whole lot more air that the one manufactured today. There are a few reasons for this. Years back, companies primary concerns were to make products that worked well. Nowadays, companies these days are more energy conscious that they used to be. They are building everything to use les power, so the fans, although using much less electricity than they used to, also move less air than they used to.
Would I save money just by running the AC?

The air conditioner will do a better job at cooling your house down. However, the fan will move the air, and 85 degrees with moving air feels better than 82 degrees without moving air. Also, your fan is room specific, if you need the whole house cooled down, it would still take many fans to equal the energy usage as your air conditioner.